Agency License INCLUDED

create as many sites as you like for you AND your clients

Never Write A Word Of Content

multiple sites with INCREDIBLE content
simply by curating posts & articles OTHERS have written!

Let YOUR Users Build Your Sites
For You

this unique ‘interactive’ site creator gets
your visitors to submit content that builds your sites, lists & success automatically

You are one Click Away From Driving Free
Organic Traffic with Super Fresh Content

This is a time-sensitive special offer. The price goes up with EVERY 24 hours and we reserve the right
to close this offer at any time. HURRY to lock in your discount NOW, before the next Price Rise!

Covert Curator will soon jump in price to $97 or more. Save up to 82%
by locking in your license immediately!

Your Recipe For Success

Aka ‘The Dinner Party That Never Happened’

Hey this the IM Wealth Builders.

Late last year I invited several close friends to dinner.

And because I love cooking, I’m always looking for new recipes.

So I headed over to my favorite recipe site called Food Gawker. Packed with exciting menu ideas.

Instantly I noticed that this site had grown A TON since my last visit, less than a week ago. SO many new posts & recipes - seemed impossible that one person could have added that much content in such a short time.

So I took a closer look, and was SHOCKED by what I found.

This single site:

Was getting THOUSANDS of visitors per day

Was AUTOMATICALLY growing with fresh new content that site visitors submitted themselves

Had quickly become the ‘go-to’ site in its niche

Was passively monetized with high-converting ads

Was building the site owner a targeted subscriber list

AND was getting quality social & search backlinks for viral traffic & free SEO

Obviously, I cancelled dinner plans. Because completely by accident, I’d stumbled upon the HOLY GRAIL of marketers everywhere:

Free Viral Traffic AND
Automated List Building

All from a simple site where your users build your authority FOR YOU

Ask yourself a simple question. What’s it take to make money online?
The fundamentals are pretty simple.

All you need is:

  • Traffic [the more the better, free is great and viral is THE BEST]
  • A list [subscribers you can promote to ANY time you like]
  • A way to MONETIZE that traffic [as passively as possible]

This one site was doing it all.
So I set out to see if I could DUPLICATE the process with a WordPress theme that would let me copy the results.

After months with the development team, being told countless times why it wouldn’t work, then figuring out ways
to make it happen … we had the solution.

But That Wasn’t Enough

At the IM Wealth Builders, we don’t create themes to sell.

We create themes we need & want to use in our own business.

Which means every theme we develop HAS to pass our standards for profitability & ease of use. ONLY when themes outperform do we share them publicly.

In the last 10 years, this has happened 20 times. Hundreds of themes developed, only 20 released publicly based on PURE results - and this is by far the best of the best.

So we’re extremely excited to introduce YOU to:

Covert Curator

Authority Sites With Viral Traffic & List Building Built-In

Covert Curator will soon jump in price to $97 or more. Save up to 82% by locking in your license immediately!

  • Revenue-pulling authority sites in ANY niche in minutes
  • Never write a SINGLE word of content again
  • Grab FREE viral traffic from PREMIUM social networks
  • Build lists of targeted, HIGHLY profitable subscribers

Covert Curator is a SUPER SIMPLE WP theme that takes just ONE click to install. It works on any
computer on ANY operating device.

The sites it creates for you are stunning and look amazing right out of the box:

Customize the look & feel of absolutely ANYTHING for the site of your dreams - in minutes.

The BEST part about Covert Curator is that it’s PERFECT if you’re short on time.

Create ‘set & forget’ sites in minutes - then sit back and watch as YOUR visitors grow your site with focused content FOR YOU.

If you prefer, you can populate your site by yourself - without creating a word of content. Simply grab relevant posts, articles - even associate products - from other sites and effortlessly curate them. It’s all point & click simple.

If you haven’t already watched the quick video at the top of the page, now’s the time. It includes a demo of EXACTLY how this amazing new theme drives traffic, builds your list AND make you earn … all without EVER writing a word of content yourself.

Free Viral Traffic. Effortless List Building.
Monetization BUILT IN.

EXACTLY How Covert Curator Works BEHIND THE SCENES To Make You Money

Stunning, Interactive Sites Straight Out-Of-The-Box

Creating authority sites that look great and keep visitors engaged has never been easier.
The setup wizard walks you thru each quick step, and simple video tutorials show you over-the-shoulder exactly what to do.

You’ll have a gorgeous, niche authority site built from scratch -

INCLUDING content - in 30 minutes or less.

Sites that work just like foodgawker to suck in visitors, leads & sales … AND attract users that constantly add fresh
content FOR YOU … so your sites

grow organically, rank higher, and pull in even more traffic.

Automated List Building BUILT IN

Your Covert sites are optimized for list building - NO LEAD

When visitors register as members of your site, they’re
automatically added to your autoresponder of choice.

Building lists of niche-specific, targeted subscribers has never
been easier.

2 GREAT Reasons Your Covert Site Visitors Subscribe:

  1. To enjoy all the features of your authority site, they need to become a member. This lets them save posts, favorite them and even add their own content.

  2. To get backlinks back to their own posts / sites. Bloggers & marketers LOVE backlinks, and they can get them whenever they add relevant links to your site.

People LOVE interactive sites where they can share within a community. Your Covert sites give users the interaction they crave … and build your list at the same time!

Free Viral Traffic From Premium Networks

Automatically Generate Backlinks & Social Traffic From:

You, your site members and even ANY visitor can share your posts across FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google +.

Sharing for your site visitors is easy & fun - they just click a single button on any of your posts to share with their network of choice …

And YOU benefit from even more targeted traffic to your site!

Once a social media user clicks on any of these shared posts … they go to YOUR site!

It doesn’t matter if you share your posts …
Your members or visitors share them …
The result is the same: 100% free & HIGHLY targeted traffic straight to your Covert sites!

FULLY MONETIZED - 4 Revenue Sources From
ALL Your Sites

Covert Curator is great for setting you up with authority sites that make you the go-to information hub in any niche. But the real power of the theme is just how well it pulls in revenue - by giving you FOUR ways to monetize


Include up to 5 different ads on your site and select how many to show per page.

Choose from Google Adsense, Amazon ads, even your own banners pointing to ANY product you want.


Thanks to Covert Curator’s unlimited flexibility, you’re not restricted to just posting articles or content.

You can include Amazon associate products as posts & earn from every sale!

Just like content posts, posts expand when visitors click.

Then when people want to find out more, they’re taken straight to the Amazon product page!

This is a POWERFUL way to earn on your accounts … revenue that grows as your sites grow!


Popups are old news and these days just irritate site visitors. The far BETTER way to monetize is with pop-unders … that open up BEHIND someone’s current browser window. Just enter ANY LINK you want under ‘Theme Options’: Now when visitors click on ANYTHING on your site, an unobtrusive pop-under with your link opens behind their browser window.

Pop-unders work exceptionally well for associate offers, as well as squeeze pages - making Covert Curator an even more powerful way to build your list.

Speaking of which, we’ve saved the BEST monetization feature for last:


You’ve already seen how your Covert sites encourage people to subscribe to your list.

Obviously you can market to your list anytime you want, but it gets even better.

Whenever a new user joins your site, Covert Curator automatically sends them a welcome email with their login credentials - and you can FULLY CUSTOMIZE that email!

Welcome emails enjoy incredibly HIGH OPEN RATES - what a great place to monetize new subscribers! You’ll see in the P.S. above that I’ve added a relevant call-to-action and offer for new members.

IMPORTANT - your new Covert subscribers have an ACTIVE interest in your niche. This makes them highly valuable and you can expect to earn substantial long term revenue when you market to them.

Profitable Sites Made EASY

Everything about Covert Curator has been built to make YOUR life easy:

  • The setup wizard walks you thru getting your sites up and running - and looking GREAT - in no time.
  • The in-dash tutorials give you detailed guidance whenever you need it.
  • Support is always just a click away.
  • List building is FULLY-AUTOMATED …

Covert Curator AUTOMATICALLY Exports Your
Leads & Adds Them To YOUR LIST

Works With ANY Autoresponder Including:

Super simple, one-time setup works with all major autoresponders - and ALL THE OTHER ONES TOO!

Growing Your Site, Authority & Backlinks
Is A Breeze

Sit Back & Watch As OTHERS Grow Your Site For You!

Adding content to your site is so easy, you’ll soon find that members contribute on a regular basis.

Both you AND your members can submit content from right inside your site, simply by clicking ‘submit link’.

They can choose from the link box or the bookmarking applet they can drag to their toolbar - turning them into your very own content curators when they browse the web!

And don’t worry, you have FULL CONTROL over what gets submitted, by whom, and how often.

It gets even EASIER - you can search for relevant content from right inside your dashboard to instantly upload to your site:

Just plugin in an RSS feed to QUICKLY find great content to curate.

Search by keywords if you like, then pick and choose from the results to AUTOMATICALLY add great new content.

As you & your members add fresh content, you get even more powerful backlinks for MORE free traffic. Your site, list &
authority grow with a ‘snowball’ effect - putting more money in your pocket.

Content Curation For Revenue - On Steroids

Some people worry about a ‘Google slap’ for duplicate content.
Let’s SQUASH that myth right now.

The Google penalty only affects sites that show the same content multiple times.

BUT Google has NO problem with the same content appearing on different sites. That’s exactly how social bookmarking
sites & article directories rank so high … and it’s how YOU can too!

In a nutshell, as a content curator, you’re helping Google’s search customers find relevant content - and you get rewarded for doing it.

Money INSTANTLY & Almost By Accident

When setting up our original tests & demo site, I shared a post on Facebook just to make sure everything was working. Had no expectations - this was a test, not a traffic campaign. Then this happened:

ONE Facebook share turned into traffic:

This was BEFORE the site was indexed in Google, or getting traffic from anywhere else.

Pretty solid for clicking a button twice!

Then I checked out the QUALITY of the traffic I was getting for free:

People were viewing MORE than the post I shared on FB … they were spending plenty of time on my site & reading more articles. Because I’d included an Amazon ad on the sidebar, I logged in to see if there were any bites …

And this SINGLE FB share had made me two Amazon sales!

[FULL DISCLOSURE] those 2 sales added up to a whopping $1.38 in revenue - hardly something to brag about … OR IS IT?

$1.38 for literally 20 seconds of my time. 10 seconds to post on my site, another 10 to share …

Suddenly looks like $165 bucks PER HOUR!

That’s from one BRAND NEW site, ONE POST … imagine how that looks as your sites & posts grow thanks to members building them FOR YOU???

The even better news is you can do this as many times as you want …
Because with Covert Curator you get:

Agency License Included

So you can:

  • Use Covert Curator to create as MANY authority sites as you want
  • Create Covert Curator sites for clients
  • Sell Covert Curator sites you’ve built

Even MORE Powerful Features Include

100% Mobile Responsive

Your sites will always look great &
function perfectly for visitors on ANY device

Fully Customizable

Match your site layout, colors, fonts & more to your brand … it’s point & click simple with the built-in setup wizard

Unlimited Versatility

Use Covert Curator for authority sites and SO MUCH MORE - easily create stunning associate, eCom & portal sites for your other blogs & products

Built-In Viral Traffic

You & your users can share posts to FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LInkedIn & G+ You can even enable FB comments to get MORE interaction!

Premium Support

We use Covert Curator ourselves, and have a dedicated support & development team in place. We’ll give you all the support you need AND free access to all future theme updates

Step By Step Video Guides

Right inside your dashboard, you’ll be able to access video guides that walk you thru each & every step … from setting up your sites to monetizing them … and everything in between

Sounds Great … How Much?

At This Low Price!

You’d probably expect a theme that does THIS much - to drive traffic, leads & sales in ANY niche - and includes agency license - to cost a boatload.

I’ve paid $499 for a single site license to a software that did MUCH less.

Right now and on this page only - you can get your hands on Covert Curator for a massive discount.
PLUS - when you order now you’ll receive FREE UPDATES for life.

And you get the agency included at this low price.

So take action NOW and …

Get YOUR License To Covert Curator Now

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside.
“The IM Wealth Builders”

P.S. The only risk you face is to walk away without trying this out. It’s seriously the BEST way to generate more traffic, clicks, leads AND sales from any site.

PRODUCT GUARANTEE: We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee so you can order with confidence, knowing you small investment is completely covered.

But let’s be straight - if you plan on buying then immediately asking for a refund, please don’t! This is a strictly limited offer, so if you’re not committed to your success then kindly leave the license for others who are. Our goal is to work with serious marketers that are ready to take their business to the next level.

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